1950-1953 Korea

Student Resources

  • War in the Air
    The air war in Korea.
  • POW
    The story of Australian POWs of the Korean War.
  • Snippets
    Stories from the Korean War: The story of Mo Gwyther, POW; Huchies; Camouflage; Biological warfare; Naval rescue; Pat Owen on Death Valley; 46° below freezing; Food; Saboteurs; RAAF attack; Night patrols; Living conditions
  • Hurricane Ruth
    An account of Hurricane Ruth during the Korean War.
  • Overview Korea
    An overview of the Korean War.
  • Operation Commando
    An explanation of the Battle of Maryang San
  • Mrs Kim
    The story of the dedication of a Korean woman, Mrs Kim, to some Australian graves in Korea.
  • Kapyong
    An outline of the Battle of Kapyong (Korea).
  • Health
    Survival and health in the extremes of the Korean War.
  • Australian Involvement in Korea
    Statistics of Australian involvement in the Korean War.
  • At sea
    Australian ships in the Korean War.
  • Medals - General
    Reproductions of service medals and other awards from a variety of wars.
  • Interview Guide
    Practical suggestions for interviewing people about their war-related experience.


  • Where in the world?
    Students work out on a map where Australians have served in peace and war.
  • Uniforms Over Time
    Explore an interactive timeline of uniforms worn by Australian servicemen and women over time.

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