Classroom Units

  • Women in ADF
    What is women's role in the services in the past, and the present? Should women be on the front line of combat? Use evidence to develop an informed viewpoint.
  • Home Front WW2
    What was life like on the Australian home front in World War 2? Using evidence to explore this question.
  • American Invasion
    Using evidence to explore the impact of Americans on the Australian home front during World War 2.
  • Women's Services WW2
    Using evidence to explore image and reality of women's experiences in the WAAAF.

Student Resources

  • Interview Guide
    Practical suggestions for interviewing people about their war-related experience.
  • Female Soldier
    An interview with a female Australian soldier in East Timor.
  • Casualty WW1
    Australian nurses in World War 1.
  • Women on the Home Front
    Women's role and place in Australia during World War 1.
  • Conscription WW1
    The conscription campaigns in Australia during World War 1.
  • Economy
    Changes in the economy in Australia during World War 1.
  • Nurses
    An outline of the role of nurses during World War 1.
  • Bangka
    The story of the massacre of Australian nurses by Japanese in World War 2, and the survival of one of them, Sr Vivien Bullwinkel.
  • Women
    An introduction to issues about women in World War 2.


  • Women in War
    See and hear what Australian women have done in wars and peacekeeping.
  • ANZAC Puzzles
    Match shapes to create images with an ANZAC theme.
  • Who Am I?
    Students take a simple quiz to identify a number of Australians who served in WW1.

Annual ANZAC Day Ceremonies

The ANZAC Day Student Service

This solemn ceremony is conducted every year in Brisbane's ANZAC Square prior to ANZAC Day from 10am and noon approximately. The 2016 event took place on Thursday, the 21st day of April, and several thousand Queensland school students took part.

The ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Every year on the 25th day of April, the ANZAC Day Dawn Service starts at 04:28am sharp at Brisbane's Shrine of Remembrance, ANZAC Square, located between Ann and Adelaide Streets. All are welcome to attend.

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